Harmless Submission, Book One

By A. J. Mercy

Masey lives the normal average life at a local book store in Dove Point, Iowa. Her routine remains: breakfast, work, evening workout, then another quick stop at the book store, dinner, and finally sleep. Her life is organized, her daily to-do list app keeps her on schedule.

However, today is different. Masey is coaxed by her friends to help out at a charity dinner party. Needing the extra money, Masey agrees to help out. Serving the sherbet punch during the gathering, she bumps into a handsome man who introduces himself as Mitch Runde. Masey just wants the night to be over, but something happens.

Mitch hasn’t noticed a woman in years. After losing his wife and child in a car accident; Mitch has given up on love until now. He can't believe how much Masey looks like his deceased wife Nicole. Mitch continues to interrupt Masey's scheduled life to get her attention, but Masey likes her life the way it is.

Mitch suddenly finds himself living again and he’s ready to start over with Masey. 

At any cost necessary.